If you're interested in submitting one or more logo designs for the upcoming 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup (and qualifiers/fetus), send them to f4r via email (f4r.hanakodlmg at gmail dot com) by 12:00pm UTC on Sunday, 2nd of April. On the 3rd I'll put them all up on the wiki on a single page, after which you'll have one week (until 12:00pm UTC on the 10th) to discuss them wherever you want, suggest changes, make revisions, and so on and so forth. A day or so following that deadline, we'll hold a poll to see which design is the most popular, after which the winner should be finalized barring any final modifications or adjustments from the 4CCC. As has been the case for the past few cups, we'll hold a second round of voting between the top designs from the first should the results be deemed close enough to warrant it. Ball logo: .ai .svg .png

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

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2017 4chanlogo.png
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.

This is the main page for everything related to PES17. On this page the links to several saves and aesthetic downloads can be found below as well as some general tips and reminders.

How to install PES17 correctly: Installation guide

Saves and Aesthetics

2017 4chan Winter Cup

Please use this as a base for making nightly exports to reduce your chance of accidentally rigging yourself.

Useful tools

DpFileList.bin Editor for PES 2017: Click Here
NGE-style Editfile Editor: Editor
Rigit-style Editfile Editor: 4cc 2017 Save Editor
Aesthetic Export checker and compiler: 4cc AET Compiler

Things you must NOT do when working with the official 4CC edit.bin

Doing one of the things below can result in your team's export not being accepted because it might break other teams too.

Create custom players

When working with the 'official' 4cc save your team already has 23 players, there is no need to make any new players via the 'Create Player' function.

Remove players

If you still accidentally delete a player, quit the game without saving and start over.

Transfer players from/to other teams

When working with 'official' 4cc save you need to work with the 23 players your team has, transferring players is not allowed.

Base copy players from other teams

Base copying is allowed, but when the face of the player you base copied is changed (only in the cases when the original face is a real face aka a blender), your player's face will change too. So watch out when base copying players from other teams.

Finding original players, teams and tactics

Because the 4cc DLC/save will not feature any of the original players and teams you will have to use other sites like pesdb.net and pesmaster.com.
You can also disable the DLC and have the game generate/use the normal teams, but make a backup of your savedata folder first since your editfile will be overwritten. Make sure to revert back to the correct 4CC save after you're done and have enabled the DLC again.